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Best For Bulk Mailing, Email Marketing

Perfect email delivery solution all type email marketing.

Product Details:

Sign up to the most loved email delivery service and start sending emails in minutes. Easy integration via SMTP Credentials and ready-made web based email sending application. Mailercore is the world’s only ESP that doesn’t charge you for emails opened. All emails opened are free. Forever. That’s our reward to you for sending relevant emails and keeping the email ecosystem clean. Mailercore offer two Type SMTP Service:

  1. PowerMTA SMTP Service >> Check Detail’s
  2. IPv6 SMTP Service >> Check Detail’s

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  1. Customer support team is awesome ,they are 24*7 available to rescue you,affordable transnational & Bulk email service , But bad thing they delivery service after order almost 12 hours delay.

  2. Great Pricing much better than competition Even Great Support. Support is always prompt. Very easy to integrate.
    Cons: You could have multiple passwords to used in different places but thats ok. Require some readymade web based email sending app.

  3. What do you like best? High Deliverability Inbox Placement Great Support Great Pricing Plan What do you dislike? Nothing Specially. I think this service is currently in a high level. What business problems are you solving? What benefits have you realized? Increase in Sales and user engagement. For which purposes do you use Mailercore? Transactional Email & bulk mailing.
    Pros: High Deliverability Inbox Placement Great Support Great Pricing Plan
    Cons: Nothing Specially. I think this service is currently in a high level.

  4. Like I said, the customer service is always here and polite and friendly and they help you to do everything well.

    Cons: There was not really anything that I disliked for now. I guess it is a bit complicated and that you have to know about IT a bit.

  5. The Value for money is just amazing and there are enough features. The support team is very friendly. The sub-user feature can be very useful for service providers.
    The UI/UX design can get much better. The control panel must be a bit more clear and more visual guides should be put in places. I think the documentation can be improved too.

  6. Any time I have any issues, I get my problem solved by a pleasant and effective support team that has yet to come up short.
    Cons: When left to its own devices, domain set up has taken a bit longer than I’d like, still perfectly reasonable, but could be faster.

  7. We are using the services, and are very happy with that. While they take care that product is used by right customers, they also are very prompt in responding and resolving issues. Support team is excellent.

  8. Fast customer response, very satisfied with the services. The online instant chat is very helpful to resolve issues immediately!

  9. I am using Mailercore to sent notification emails & Marketing mail to users. It works perfectly on our WordPress website. Every email goes to inbox and that’s cool part of Mailercore. Support is also very good. Highly recommended.


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