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What is SaferHOST SMTP ? SaferHOST is an email service provider focused exclusively on, Bulk Promotional Mail and Transactional email delivery. SaferHOST maintains one of the best delivery reputations in the industry. With SaferHOST, all customers receive stellar support and incredibly delivery at no added cost. You’ll never have to pay for a dedicated IP address or personalized support. It’s just part of the deal.

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  1. I never had the problem of an email not arriving or getting into the spam folder after installing SaferHOST SMTP. It has an easy to install WordPress plugin that makes sure all emails that are sent by the website get sent via SaferHOST SMTP. Before installing SaferHOST SMTP we had several clients complaining that filled in contact forms would land in their spam folder but we haven’t had the problem after installing SaferHOST SMTP. It is also very cheap to use

  2. Bulletproof SMTP Sending delivery with Email Sending app Included.

    I use the SMTP integration to send administrative alerts from my web servers. I appreciate the reliability of deliverability for these critical messages. I prefer to offload the responsibility of sending email from my web servers so they can do the job of hosting. The other benefit I get is that my SPF and DKIM settings can be static for all domains I host instead of tying my sending IPs to my hosting IPs, which have the possibility of changing. I can also easily whitelist delivery of my admin alerts to make sure I receive critical information instead of it accidentally being sent to spam.

  3. Super easy to get started. We just use this as a secondary SMTP relay. The one time use SMTP Credentials for the relay seems more secure then other offerings.

    Has a nice Look and feel. Deliverability rates i seems to be good. but i can’t tried with my complete list of contacts because SaferHOST limit account to send higher volume upto 1 million emails by day, even after pay for Higher plan.

  4. SaferHOST is a great email delivery platform with an easy-to-navigate web UI and straightforward setup. Support is quick to respond (within 24 hours) and always willing to help. Service is reliable and far more affordable than a lot of competitors.


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